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Shiva Engineering Works has been serving the Defence Sector since 1967 and in this journey of 50+ years, we have worked very closely with land systems, armaments, core of engineers and Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO).

Our company has been actively involved in the Integrated Missile Development programme since 1987 and it has been an honour to be part of several mission critical projects of national importance. As an industry partner of DRDO, it has been our privilege to be a recipient of several exclusive technology transfer agreements.

The range of products and services provided to the Defence forces are wide and varied, some of which are highlighted below.


Mat Ground Surfacing Class 70

Mat Ground Surfacing CL 70 is used by core of engineers, Indian Army. This system is an expedient which is used to facilitate crossing of sandy, boggy areas with shallow water by laying special aluminium alloy mats. The laying and retrieval system of the mats by the equipment is the main structural system made of high strength steel. It is mounted on a rotating platform on rollers with the mats wrapped on a steel fabricated spool. The spool is made to rotate with hydraulic motors with necessary hydraulic controls and braking system for retrieving and laying the mat. The system is designed to withstand Military Load Capacity of 70 tonnes.


Mobile Shelter

Shiva Engineering Works has designed, fabricated and commissioned mobile shelters of various sizes for different applications of the Ministry of Defence, Govt of India. Some sample sizes are 18m x 13.5m, 30m x 8m, 20m x 7.5m etc. These shelters are made of steel portal framework with galvalume high tensile coated sheets for roof and sides to make the shelter waterproof. The framework is mounted on wheels for movement on rails. They move with the help of electrical drive arrangement and are capable of forward and reverse movement at controlled speeds.



This dummy canister is about 20 metres in length, having 2100 mm dia and weighing about 33 tons (simulated wight 66 tons) was manufactured by us for the purpose of load and force simulation on a special purpose vehicle during auto levelling, articulation and transportation. It was manufactured in various segments and then assembled together. Dimensional tolerances were negligible, and the critical dimensions were finally checked by LASER tracking. In additional to the load tests that were conducted using special fixtures and hydraulic actuators, the dummy canister also underwent stringent leak tests.


Assembler cum transporter

This equipment handles cylindrical objects 15 metres long weighing 16 tonnes. It is used as a transporter when coupled with a prime mover and works as a platform on electro-mechanical outriggers when stationary. It is also capable of assembling the cylindrical object which is in 3 parts.


Bridge Superstructure

This bridge 5m long and 4m wide is made of High Strength Steel Plates, weighs about 2 tons and is meant for military load class of 70 tons. The superstructure is of welded construction and it is necessary that all parts are duly stress-relieved subsequent to welding operation and before final machining operation.


Integrated Field Shelter

These are underground shelters that offer collective protection from any Nuclear, biological and/or chemical disasters. They are portable, fabricated out of galvanized steel and equipped with entire life support systems including ventilation, water supply, disposal, power supply, etc. besides warning sensors against hostile attacks.