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Since 2008, Shiva Engineering has been fabricating extra-large components for different models of electric locomotives for final integration at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works. In 2016, we rolled out our first complete locomotive shell assembly for electric locomotive WAG 9H and there has been no looking back since then. Our rich experience, manufacturing facilities and certifications qualify us to manufacture critical components and complete assemblies for other railway verticals such as coaches, wagons, metro etc.


Locomotive Shell Assembly

Manufacture and supply of a shell assembly which weighs about 48 tons measures about 22 metres long and 3.1 metres wide; typically constitutes of fabrication of the various parts, assembly, finish painting and hydraulic piping for brake systems. Right from raw material procurement up to dispatch, every piece undergoes 6 stringent quality checks by the customer.


Side Wall

This comprises of the side panels of the locomotive fabricated out of special corrosion resistant 6mm thick steel plates commonly known as IRSM plates. Each panel could measure upto 15m in length and 1.8m in height. The critical part in manufacturing this item is to maintain the straightness within tolerance levels of 2mm on such long panels. Louvres fitted onto the windows of these walls are also fabricated in-house at our workshop.


Roof Assembly

One set Roof Assembly comprises of four parts namely Roof over Cab end No 1, Roof over cab end No 2, Transformer Roof & BR Roof. We have to ensure not only perfect integration of the four parts of the roof but also perfect fitment of the roof over the side panels. Ease in fitment of various components such as pantographs, insulators etc. on top of the roof also need to be considered.


Crew Friendly Cab Assembly

This, commonly known as driver cabin is supplied in sets of two. Achieving the desired shape at all ends is a critical process in fabrication of this equipment. Profile cutting for flawless fitment of doors and windows and suitable provision for fitment of driver’s desk, cables and other electrical items, airconditioning, headlight, flasher light, marker light, wipers and other several components are other key areas.


Head Stock Assembly

This is a crucial component of the 3 phase electric locomotives (WAG 9, WAP 7, WAP 5) manufactured under technology transfer from ABB Sweden. A safety item, it is fitted on the under frame of the Locomotive at both ends. It is made from 70mm thick plates and requires watchful welding. Ultrasonic tests and die-penetrative tests are a must on each piece to ensure defect-free products.


Centre Sill

Centre Sill is fitted on the centre of the under frame Assembly of the WAG 9, WAP 7 & WAP 5 type Locomotives. Skillful welding is required to ensure that the materials do not get twisted or deformed as they are 14.6m long and made from 50mm thick plates. The main load of the engine is borne by this equipment.


Bolster Assembly

This serves the purpose of a shock absorber of a locomotive in case of any collision in static condition as well as at high speed.


Other Railway products that we can manufacture include:

  • Metro Coaches
  • Bogie Bolsters
  • Bogie Frame
  • Flat Bogie Frames
  • Brake Beams
  • Brake Heads
  • Reservoirs
  • End Parts